Enhance Your Examination Through Online Examination System

Examination plays a vital role and in this competitive world it is important to give the best and stand according to changing trend. Therefore, conducting examination has always been difficult and it’s a lengthy process right from the preparation of question paper to evaluation of answer sheet to preparation of progress card. Teachers, faculties and examination authority find it difficult to streamline it and seamlessly run the exam.

School for a long time has experienced difficulties in conducting examination as it is time consuming as well as require more manpower. Hence, online examination software was developed to reduce the efforts and solve all the problems related to examination.

Online test platform are the perfect combination of flexibility and easy accessibility as it fulfills all the requirements of the educational sector. As it resolve the complexity involved in the traditional examination. It allows creating question paper by selecting questions from the question bank and ensures high confidentiality. Also shuffling of question paper can be on the same day so that there is no point of leakage of question and students get different set of questions.

             Enhance Your Examination through Online Examination Software

Another significant feature of this software is that students need not travel long distance to give exams. This software is widely beneficial for the students of remote areas as they need not travel for long distance to give exams. Students can give exams from the nearby exam center allotted to them or from any suitable place they want.

Online examination platform saves time and cost of paper. With the development of the software the hassle of printing the question paper has been eliminated and even buying of the paper. Questions are prepared and saved in the software. This helps the time of both students as well as invigilator as it online based exams. They get exemption from distributing the question paper and answer paper. This software is fully automated and there is no need of invigilator too.

The online examination is basically used for creating multiple choice tests but supports questions like fill in the blanks, true or false, match the column, as well as descriptive and subjective questions.


Online test platform software is cost – effective, affordable, and reliable system for educational sector. Its unique features such as creation of question paper just before the commencement of the examination, reduces students travelling cost and helps to avoid cheating. It even reduces the hassle of printing of question paper and eliminates the buying of the question paper. The software provides high security and flexibility. The examination can be conducted online or offline on local network.

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